Why I told no-one my real name on holiday

AKA: What happened in Benidorm stays in Benidorm

For the first time ever on a family holiday I didn't swap full names and addresses with any of our fellow holidaymakers.  Oh you meanie I hear you grumble but let me explain.  I now know that I have full editing power over the photos that are posted on Facebook *insert evil and knowing laugh here*  

The selected few photos are on my profile for your viewing pleasure.  I know full well that members of my extended online social network gently rib my photos for their genuine comedic value and for what goes on in the background of them, but I can handle that - my friends post very funny observations even when I think I have all angles covered.  What I couldn't handle is other people's friends critical analysis that I have no control over.

I also will not have 12 friends requests from people who I spoke to for a total of 23 minutes, I will not be poked by the woman I met in a bar who's conversation I couldn't really hear because the music was too loud, I will not get the "thumbs up LIKE" sign on every status update from the family who we sat next to every meal time who's child insisted on staring at my every mouthful and threw bread all over the restaurant and I will not get 84 daily requests to plough someone's fields on Farmville.  What I will get is happy holiday memories just the way I want them.

* * *

Footnote 1:  I buy my "holiday reading" books from the local charity shop (3 for £1) and always leave them at the hotel for other people to read when I have finished them.  I cheekily wrote my blog address inside each one so if you've picked up one of the books, typed that address into your browser and ended up here then "hello" and welcome to my blog.  You are excused from the above exclusion zone because you have made the effort *wink*

Footnote 2:  We left our almost 17-year old son at home for the first time ever and I am so proud of him.  We have had nothing but good comments from the neighbours about him, he fed and cleaned himself, no parties were held, the house was fairly tidy (apart from a thin layer of dust), our reptiles and goldfish were fed and remained alive and he seems to have grown another three inches in the time that I've been away.  I'd highly recommend him as a house-sitter and will gladly rent him out - email me for further details...

Footnote 3:  A massive THANK YOU to all my guest bloggers who kept the blog alive over the past two weeks.  I am utterly indebted to them.  I hope you enjoyed the varying topics, have found new blogs to read and new people to interact with.