The Medicine Cupboard

Oh dear!  You'd think after all this time of being a parent, I'd have even the most basic of First Aid kits in the house, wouldn't you? *ahem* Not so!

I've got a blinder of a headache so I've been to hunt some headache tablets down.  We have none.  I had a quick search upstairs in the bedroom (ironic, huh?) but still zilch.  I've ended up going to the corner shop and picking up a cheapo tub of paracetamol which will probably just skim the edge of the headache -it's better than nothing though.

Whilst putting the new tub of headache tablets away I happened to notice our "first aid shelf" was a little bare.  We're obviously not very ill people in this house - here is what our was on the shelf:
  • 1 tatty box of plasters.  Original contents = 150, contents today = approximately 50
  • 1 old box of hayfever tablets - expiry date February 2014 (why didn't I know about these at the weekend?)
  • 2 instruction sheets from old boxes of Ibuprufen
  • 1 old box of Piriton - expiry date June 2007
  • 1 full pack of Mizollen - prescription for me dated 15/06/04 (I've had to Google these to see what they were - more antihistamines apparently)
  • 1/2 a bottle of Calamine Lotion - expiry date December 2008
  • 1/3 a bottle of Ibuprofen for Children - expiry date January 2009
  • 1/3 a bottle of cough linctus - expiry date November 2010
  • 7 sachets of Hot Lemon powder
  • 1/4 a bottle of Lyclear nit lotion
  • 2 pink (!) nit combs
  • 1 green first aid bag - empty
I think I need to replenish our supplies and invest in a decent first aid kit.  According to the NHS website there is a whole host of items that should be available in the basic first aid kit.  I have precisely one item on that list - antihistamines!!  Time to go shopping I think.

* * *


JUST as I was about to click "publish post", son #2 flew through the house DRIPPING with blood!!  He has smashed his face whilst out playing.  He has managed to fall onto his front teeth (which have bust his bottom lip) and his nose (how he did it is another story).  He was CAKED in bright red blood!!!

It's actually not as bad as I originally thought - it never is, is it?  The amount of blood that comes from a slightly split lip and a nose bleed always looks like something from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.    He is now trying to wangle a day off school tomorrow...

Erm... if there are any medical companies that would like to send me a first aid kit to test, I can guarantee that it will get a fair review!!  We've had a myriad of accidents here recently from a bash to the head, a suspected sprained thumb and now this.

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