Happy Birthday?

I came home yesterday with a carrier bag.  Inside that carrier bag was some wrapping paper and a birthday card for my husband (for today) from the boys and one from me.  The one from the boys was your bog-standard card, blue in colour, very safe... the one from me was great.  It had a picture of a golden labrador on the front, sniffing at some knickers on a washing line, with the caption: SNIFFER DOG REX THOUGHT HE COULD SMELL SOME CRACK

I forgot it was in the bag.  I gave the bag to Son #2 and told him to wrap his dad's previously bought present with the paper and to sort out the card with his brother later.  I nipped upstairs to check on the task in hand a few minutes later and noticed that he had a envelope sellotaped to the front of the present... and the original card, with the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD emblazoned across the front, was on the bed, still in the cellophane wrapper.

I asked him which card he had used, thinking that he may have made one... Oh, nooooo - this is the O'Hara household after all.  I was told, "I chose the one with the dog on, Mum"


I have hastily removed aforementioned card from the present, got rid of it and bought a boring, safe one from the shop this morning that has HAPPY BIRTHDAY written across the front.

The moral of this story?  There are two:

  1. Be occasionally thankful that your 11-year old doesn't have a great love of reading;
  2. Never buy sarcastic/funny/rude birthday cards and leave them with the 'safe' stuff!