I am good at making lists - that's a given.  However, I now have so many lists that I'm making a list of the whereabouts of all the lists....
Holiday imminent
  • Grovelling to school complete, guilt trip ridden, release form filled in
  • 16 year old son staying at home
  • Instructions given and written down including notes about that need to be done whilst we are away - feed self, feed lizards, feed goldfish, wash self, lock windows, no parties, etc.
  • Iceland cleared out of ready meals (x14)
  • Daughter round the corner - offered to cook him the occasional meal to make sure he doesn't starve to death
  • Neighbour alerted
  • Ironing complete
  • Packing more or less done
  • Passports all in date
  • Need to dye hair
  • Need to have hair cut
  • Need to get eyebrows threaded
  • Guest posts almost ready for scheduling (Oh, you're in for some treats.... itinerary up on Wednesday)
  • Tickets to be collected at the airport (never done that before)