One Year On

28th July 2009

I can't really celebrate the first anniversary/birthday of Typecast because I have been blogging here since August 2003.  Last year I made some positive moves towards realising a bit of a dream for me - to write and for people (other than myself) to read it.  I also had some life stories that I wanted to write for cathartic purposes initially but I hoped that they would help someone, somewhere.  In what respect, I am not sure - probably to show people that when it feels like your world is imploding there is always something on the other side.

Ye olde blog was dusted off and I started writing.  The first piece was the story of how I became a Nana at the sprightly age of 36 which is as a good as it gets for some time... I inwardly cringe at some of the posts I wrote last year.  Some 250 posts later, here we are, a year down the line.  I've had some work published, I have a merry band of readers and followers, I have infiltrated a growing community of parent bloggers, I have had the opportunity to test a number of styles of writing, I have re-designed my blog on about four occasions (I think I'm happy with the design... for now) and I have been asked to write for an number of other blogs and publications.  I'm heading in the right direction.

I have also decided that after I have finished the current module in my Open University degree I am going to take a few months off studying and concentrate on writing more seriously.  I have a couple of ideas that I would like to expand on and never seem to have the time to do it. 

So, thanks for joining me during the first twelve months... here's to the next twelve *blows party whistle and rings a bell*


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