Emotional Overload

September the 22nd will always be 
The day I want to ignore 
But I can't. 
It is a day I should celebrate 
The birth of my second born. 
The celebration of the life of 
A sensitive, clever young man, 
Yet it is a day that is burnt 
Into my heart  
For other reasons that involve grief. 
I cannot change this.
I cannot alter the past. 
I never want my grief to overshadow
A day of celebration, 
But I can see it in his eyes.
He doesn't want to mention that he knows
I am thinking of other times; 
Of another person. 
I want to cry but I need to be strong. 
Mum, I miss you more and more
And I know you understand

* * *

Written for Workshop #36 of the Writing Workshop over at 'Sleep Is For the Weak'.  This week I used prompt #3 - "Taking stock.  Where are you now?"  I wanted to write this yesterday (it is six years since mum died) but couldn't find the words.  Today they just flowed.  Also linked to Mama Kat's Workshop for this week using prompt #2 - "A day you were sure you wouldn't get through."