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Things To Do Before I Turn 50

  (also known as my "TA-DA" list as opposed to a "to do" list) It was my 49th birthday a few days ago and this got me thinking. Any birthday that ends with a zero always feels a bit like milestone or a landmark and, when I hit the big "five-o" in 2022, I don't want huge parties or celebrations but I would like to have ticked a few things off my low-effort bucket list.   I see these things as a way to improve my mental and physical health, plus a few slightly off-the-wall experiences that would make for great memories.  Start running again and include the following: Lead a C25K group again  Participate in parkrun EVERY week where possible  < ongoing (now parkrun Run Director too) Visit local landmarks whilst running  Train for a long race - building up from 5k > 10k > 10 miles > half marathon, with a couple of longer trail races mixed in  Lose a lot bit of weight Post more on Instagram or give the blog a bit of a reboot < ongoing Look at

More from the Secret Post Club

When I participate in the Secret Post Club, it means that I get post for me... proper post that doesn't involve brown window envelopes that mean I have to fork out money or brochures that always end up in the bucket next to the log burner.

This rather large box was waiting for me when I returned home from work last week:


I opened it and was greeted with hundreds of multi-coloured polystyrene chips.  I dug deep and found my gift a little way down the box:

A lovely address book
Two dinky candles
Gorgeous smelling pot pourri (gingerbread cookies and cinnamon tea)

But no note... I had no idea who it was from.  I know that this is called the "Secret Post Club" but this is going a tad too far!  I checked the spreadsheet and there was no clue on there either.  The only thing I could do was to say "thank you" was to leave a message on there and hope that my mystery sender would check back and see my "reveal yourself" message.  She did!

So, to the lovely Jelly Monster, this is my official "Thank You Letter". 

You all might want to check out her blog or her Twitter feed, both of which seem Skittles-obsessed at the moment!!

My gift (as a sender) is currently winging its way to Malaysia.  I hope it arrives safely!!

* * *

The Secret Post Club is the brainchild of Heather from Note From Lapland.  It has evolved into a rather large gift-swap exercise which is now monitored by Heather and controlled by Elfster and a very natty little Google spreadsheet.  If you fancy joining in you can find more details here or drop Heather a message on Twitter where she can be found tweeting as @NoteFromLapland.