Social Engagement

Earlier this week, I became quite annoyed with the fact that a blogger* failed to display a comment that I had made on her blog.  She had asked for readers to share similar experiences and I thought I could offer a slightly different view point.  I took my time with the reply. I wrote about three paragraphs, so it wasn't a quick visit - it was a measured, balanced comment.  I filled in the captcha code (don't EVEN get me started on that) and was greeted with the "your comment will be displayed after approval" messsage.  Four days later, that comment still hasn't been published on the blog.  And, yes, she has been active around the blogging and social media community since.

Now I am acutely aware that a blog is a personal space and you have every right to display what you want on your corner of the internet, but why invite comments if you're not going to display them?  Even if you don't agree with what I have written then publish it and flame me.  Let me know why you are unhappy or why you disagree with my comment.  Conversation is a two-way street and I don't expect everyone to agree with me.  In fact, I am quite a hot-headed sort of person who sometimes says something just to forge a balanced discussion.

I can count on one hand the amount of comments that I have deleted from this blog and they were all at the request of the original respondent.  I have also written about how social networking is evolving and I constantly talk about how I believe that social engagment is the 'next big thing', offering advice and quick 'How To' sessions on Twitter and by email to friends**.  Have a watch of this video from Simply Zesty*** which really reinforces my thoughts on what is happening with our online world at the moment:


My entry into social engagement is ever changing.  I already use Twitter and Facebook to promote my blog and readership is growing by the day (yes, I check my stats.  So shoot me!).  I'm a sort of "anything goes" type of blogger and occasionally will work with companies to promote their products or services but I will only publish sponsored posts that I believe are relevant to my audience.  One of my readers recently said that a particular review post read like an advert and I could tell he was disappointed with the content.  That was obviously not the reason why he read my blog and he wouldn't get those five minutes back again.  I have since readdressed the way in which I accept and write up review/sponsored posts.  The variety of posts on this blog ensures that, hopefully, there will always be something that you enjoy or gain from.

The comments section remains open and you can post as a guest or anonymously if you want to. You will only need to use your email address to sign in and this will never be displayed.  I also believe that if you take the time to respond to my posts then I should attempt to engage with you in the comments section.  Your view and comment is an extension of what I have already written.  I am glad I have reeled you in long enough to make you think.

* I am not about to name and shame.  I may be outspoken but I'm not completely mental!
** I know, I'm missing a trick here...
*** This post was not endorsed by Simply Zesty in any way.