New Beginnings

Today marks the start of a new academic year.  This year my middle child begins a Motor Vehicle course at the local college after getting brilliant GCSE results and my youngest child starts high school.  It also marks the start of the early morning calls of the Worker Bird, a.k.a. "harassed working mother":


Owner of his own front door key

There have never been tears here from this hard-faced cow when one of my children have started school.  I see it as another important step on their life path, not an opportunity for the mourning of times gone by.  We encourage our children to grow and develop and find themselves and, yes, their growing up reminds us of our own ever-increasing age but that's life, people.  We can't turn back the clocks so we need to look forward.  Think positive!

Why do I feel like this?  Is it because I tied myself into having a family at such a young age?  Maybe!  It could be the sense of increasing freedom as their responsibilities broaden, they become more self-aware and I find myself able to experience more in my life with the wisdom of age and experience as a helping hand.

Onwards and Upwards.

* * *

Edit:  I am submitting this to the weekly Gallery at Sticky Fingers.  The theme this week is 'Back To School'.  This digital art Gallery is all linked at Sticky Fingers and you can see all of this weeks entries >>> here <<<

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