The One Where I Blog Whilst Drunk

I'm sat on my own here and need a natter with someone... you know what it's like when you've had a bit too much to drink and need to offload somewhere.  Twitter is great but 140 characters isn't really enough for me at this time of night.  So here we have my first drunken blog post.  No, there probably won't be many spelling mistakes because I touch-type and have done since I was 14 years old (yay for typing classes at school) and even hit the 'delete' key automatically when I've miskeyed.  Anyway....

We went to have a nosy around the new(-ish) B&M Bargains shop today, slung some of their delish chicken 'n' stuffing cooked meat for lunch into the basket and slowly wandered round, not really needing anything but enjoying a bit of child-free time (son #2 was at the cinema with about two hundred of his new-found friends from high school).

As we rounded a corner a whole wall of alcohol faced us.  CHEAP alcohol.  I looked at Kev and he looked at me and we both grinned.  Now, bearing in mind that I was watching the final of Big Brother last night, I necked the best part of a bottle and a half of wine, Kev found me comotosed on the settee with the laptop still on my knee and sent me to bed with a telling-off that mirrored the one that my dad gave me when I was 16, you'd have thought that would have been enough for the weekend.  But who can refuse three bottles of my favourite wine (Blossom Hill - blue label - just in case you're interested) for a tenner?  Oh and then we spotted the cans of lager... cheaper than the best offer at the local off-licence.  So we picked up eight of those too.  Finally, Kev spotted the cider - he is partial to a bit of Sass (half lager/half cider/touch of blackcurrant) - and I picked up a two litre bottle that was a couple of quid.
Not that one, Nic.  It's only 5%.  You know I like at least 7%.  What's that one?  Oh yeah, 7.5%, that's more my type.  And it's three litres for nearly the same price.  Stick that one in the basket.
Yes, people were giving us funny looks.  Yes, we did sound like the local alkies.  Yes, our basket was overflowing with booze now and I was carrying three bottles of wine.  We went to pay.

We also caused a bit of havoc in the local decorating store trying to choose some new wallpaper for the front lounge.  Kev has decided on some accent wallpaper for the wall where the fireplace is and had some mad idea for the other three walls.  I needed to guide him towards something a bit more stylish and normal.  I succeeded.  I am GOOD!!

After dropping everything off at home we went to visit our friends in the next town.  We caught up and had a few laughs - we haven't seen them since before we went on holiday in July and they've also been away recently too.  I also phoned Jake to make sure that he was on his way home from the cinema, plus he was panicking that we hadn't bought him a new chain and lock for his bike (so that he can cycle to school).
Are you home yet?
I'm on my way now.  Where are you?
We're at Mark & Lanie's.  We'll be home soon.
Oh my god, if I'd have known you were going there I'd have come with you.
But you wanted to go to the cinema.
Well, I wouldn't have gone if I knew you were going there.
So I felt a bit guilty.  Our friends' son is the same age as Jake and they are great friends so I asked Philip (our friends' son) if he wanted to come back with us and stay the night.  He did, so we bundled him into the car and came home.

Tea, X-Factor, Twitter... that's how my night panned out.

At weekend we let Jake (son #2) choose when he goes to bed and if it gets to midnight we make heavy hints, just short of pushing him up the stairs.  However, tonight he is tired early (11pm) and has fallen asleep on the spare mattress in his room, leaving Philip (friends' son) and Kev (my hubby) playing some stupid X-Box game.  Philip is in his element, Kev is wondering why Jake chose tonight to be tired!!!