Review : Men Are Useless

Yes, I know what you're thinking - why is she stating the obvious? But I'm on a mission at the moment to find good Christmas presents at not-too-expensive prices.  I'm also always on the lookout to find products that will stop the overpowering smell of boys that comes wafting from a predominantly male household (it's so hard being the only female in this house sometimes).

The lovely people at FuelMyBlog asked me to check out a gift pack from with a view to looking at the service they provide and the products on offer in their gift pack.  I'm not easily impressed and my husband is an even bigger critic, especially when it comes to spending money on grooming products.

First impressions of the package when it comes emits a slight giggle.  There is a mini packet of Love Hearts taped to the side of the box with a message to the postman to take the sweets as a thank you for delivering the parcel.  Our sweets were still intact on the side of the box so we'll give them to the postie next time we see him.

I let hubby open the box to see what his first impressions were and he wasn't disappointed.  Included in the box was:
  • King of Shaves Azor Razor
  • A KoS spare blade
  • KoS Shaving Gel
  • Original Source Shampoo/Shower Gel
  • Bionsen Deodorant Stick
  • Face Pack

He immediately made a beeline for the razor, explaining that he'd been eyeing this type of razor for a while but hadn't got round to buying one.  He also commandeered the shaving gel and shower gel and deposited them in the bathroom.   He was a bit unsure about the face pack so our 17 year old son has been presented with that after previously being talked into trying one out not so long ago (click link for photo).

There are a couple of price options on the website and the pack that we received retails at £15.99 delivered to your door within a couple of days of ordering.  You can either order a one-off box as a gift (or trial) or you can chose to have your box delivered monthly.  What impressed us was some little touches that makes this product unique.  There is a witty cover letter, a promotional postcard, more little packs of sweets (stolen by the 11 year old) and tasteful wrapping.  Also, if you decide to sign up for the monthly option some of the products are rotated.  There are lots more details on the website.  We think that the £15.99 box we received is really good value for money and the delivery option is a massive bonus as the box is designed to fit through a standard sized letterbox,

So, thank you to (and FuelMyBlog).  The boys are back out in the alley perfecting their wheelies and fighting baddies and there are more favourable smells wafting around the house.  This is definitely going on my "I haven't got a clue what to buy for X for Christmas" list.

* * * 


As you can see from the comments, Paul Johnson from has offered all readers of this blog a discount on their first order.  Please contact the team at MenAreUseless and mention the Typecast blog