A mate recently asked me, "Which famous people would you bunk up with if you could?" (based on an episode of Friends)

So I'm going offer you a plethora of Gorgeous Guys that I think make me go *shwing* (but in a very feminine way, holding the edges of my skirt).  I think I am pretty safe in the fact that it will only be me who has even considered this section of the male population, especially after my Plastic Fantastic post a while back.  I was going to write a bit about each bloke but thought it would be funnier to see your reactions first.  Feel free to take the piss or scream "JUST WHY?" in the comments section.

In no particular order:

Howard Donald

Mark Salling 


Robert Lindsay

Simon le Bon
James McAvoy 

Nick Knowles

Simon Gregson

Jon Bon Jovi