The Gallery : A Celebration

As soon as I saw Tara's prompt this week, I knew exactly which photos I was going to use.  The two lovely ladies pictured with me are my two best friends from the internet.  We 'met' on a parenting forum and, whilst we are incredibly different, we are very much the same.  I love them both and would trust them with my life.  We don't see enough of each other due to family/work commitments and the fact that we live miles away from each other.

These photos were taken at my daughters 18th birthday party (May 2009).  As my birthday is the day after Rachel's a few of my friends came over to help me celebrate.  We also thought it would be hilarious to dress in 1980's style fashion. 

Fabulous Fashionistas
(from l-r) Laura, me, Annie
 Oh yes, we embraced the 80s style head on - as did another couple who came dressed as George Michael and Adam Ant (click link for photo).  Neon was used in abundance and, thanks to a dress I found on eBay, looked like a human glitter ball for the whole evening.  We didn't encroach too much on the 'real' party but the picture below just makes me laugh and laugh so much.  We had been watching Zorro and a 1920's gangster dance with a bumble bee and Minnie Mouse (click link for photo) and they just didn't care who was watching.  We wanted to be that age again.

* * *

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