Review: Boost Your Wash

Boost Your Wash is a laundry enhancer that uses a unique formula to transform your regular washing detergent into a power cleaner.  It works in partnership with liquids, tablets or powder and promises to rid your dirty washing of any stubborn stains and smells.

I am always very dubious of promises made by new products so jumped at the chance to try out this new product on the market.  I was told that one in five washes needs 'helping hand' to shift stains, kill germs or remove odours but, as you all know, I live in a predominately male household so it is much likely to be a higher percentage than that.

The instructions tell you that you should add one cap full of Boost Your Wash for standard washes and up to two cap fulls for heavy soiling.  You can also use one cap full in with your usual hand washing detergent and wash as normal, ensuring that you wash your hands thoroughly after use.  I have averaged one cap full on most washes and used two cap fulls on the first PE kit of the school year over the weekend.  

Boost Your Wash has worked in the way that I expected.  It has definitely boosted the strength of my usual washing powder and all the clothes appear to be just as clean, the whites are a bit brighter and there are definitely no boy smells remaining after a normal wash.  And nothing has fallen apart at the seams which, I will admit, was my main worry.

Boost Your Wash is available in a 500g pack with a screw top measuring lid which allows for around 16 washes.  It costs £3.99 and is available from Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado and Robert Dyas.  

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I received a full sized sample bottle of Boost Your Wash and a dinky peg bag for this review.